VBulletin 5.x to Xenforo Question


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I have a rather old vBulletin forum, we started with 3.x and eventually worked our way up to 5. I hate everything about 5. VB4 was great and had so many great features and then VB5 came and well, that's why I'm seriously looking at Xenforo.

My forum is a role playing site and we make use of blogs (as character blogs or creative writing exercises) and we also make use of social groups. I see that there are addons/modifications for these for Xenforo. But my question is, can we import the vb5 blogs/social groups to the Xenforo addons. We really do not want to lose our blogs or social group content.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place and should be in an addons forum, I'm just trying to figure out what my best course of action is here before I make any major changes.
@Bob has a really good user blogs addon. I didn't think there's an amazing social group addon. There are a couple but they're a little buggy at least when I tried them. I think social groups really needs to be a first party addon to do it right.
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