XF 2.2 Trying to learn about passing conditional statements available in one template to another template


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I'm trying to learn how to make a certain conditional xf.resource.resource_id that works under template "xfrm_resource_reviews" but doesn't work under "thread_view."

I stumbled upon this tutorial here that seems like it is possible with something like
<xf:page option="xfrmID">{$xf.resource.resource_id}</xf:page>
being placed in the "xfrm_resource_wrapper" template.

So I went ahead and placed
<xf:page option="xfrmID">{$xf.resource.resource_id}</xf:page>
into xfrm_resource_wrapper and tried using {$xfrmID} in the thread_view template and it doesn't seem to show the resource ID.

Any idea what I did wrong?
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