Not a bug Moderation Queue (Report Count) For Threads

Daniel Hood

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When the first post in a thread is placed into the moderation queue, it's actually stored in the queue as the content type being the 'thread' (not the 'post'). This will result in a report count always being 0 since reported posts are stored with the content type being 'post'.
I'm confused as to what you're reporting. What do you mean by "report count" in the context of the moderation queue? Moderating the first post is moderating the thread, so the behavior is correct (and there would be a moderation queue handler for threads).
Sorry. Screenshots should help:

This is a report of the first post in the thread:

This is the moderation queue (Reports: 0):

It's not finding any reports because the query is looking for the report row to have content_type = 'thread' when in reality it has content_type = 'post'
Unless I'm not catching the gist of what you're reporting, we don't actually include a reports count, there, so that must be coming from an add-on.
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