Lack of interest Thread & Post Moderation Queue Needs a "marked for deletion" Flag, and Other Updates

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One thing I've discovered is that my forum really could use more options within the moderation queue.

When a moderator looks a post of thread in the queue, he (or she as the case may be) has the ability to approve, reject, or ignore it, and that's it, those are really his only choices unless he leaves the queue, the mod can't get any additional information about the post or thread in the queue, and the mod can't leave any for future moderators that may visit the queue after this this session has completed.

I've run into problems before, some mods get a bit heavy handed deleting off topic posts and posts they don't agree with...

To solve this, in some cases I want two different moderators to review any post or thread before it's deleted. There are no ways to flag that a post was previously reviewed and marked for deletion, letting a mod know the post is safe to delete if they agree.

Also, sometimes my moderators want me to review a post before it's Approved. The Admin can't know he's wanted to review a queued post unless it's reported, and there is no report link in the queue, you have to go to the content to get to the report link.

  • What I propose is a Flag of some sort be set, using a checkmark box or radio button perhaps, where a Mod can flag that a post or new thread has been reviewed by a moderator and that it's ready to be deleted. A log of Who marked the thread for deletion wouldn't hurt either!
  • Threads marked for deletion should be moved to the bottom of the queue, new posts and threads should always have first priority!
  • It would be great if a Flag or alert could be set so a Admin or some other Forum Manager could review a post before it's approved.
  • It would also be good to have an option to Report a Queued Post in the queue, and then have the post in the queue be locked, and show that there is a report open on that post with a link, so it's not approved by accident by an unknowing moderator.

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