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Not sure if I'm missing something but I would like to have the option to see more than just the "Active Reports" and "Recently Closed Reports".
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I don't see anywhere in the admin panel to view or sort through older reported content. Obviously these reports are in a database somewhere (I'm guessing "xf_report") as you can search for older reports by user through the search function, so there should be a way to call this data up.

I can see in the "report_list" template nothing is supposed to follow recently closed reports list, so I'm not actually missing anything on the Reported Items page:
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I am wondering how I might add "All Reported Items" to the page? I see the template is calling on "$recentlyClosed" function (?are these functions?) and above this its calling for "$reports" (which I'm assume is a function(?) for active reports). Is there a "$allReports/$allClosed" function to call on to add an additional if statement for all entries in the "xf_reports" database? (I can handle the phrases/layout/styling, just need to know if there is some way to get the data I'm wanting.)

I would also like to request a few features be added for the reported items pages:
  1. I would like see a "category" option that could be selected by users reporting the content and modified by moderators from the reported item page. (Examples: "off-topic", "vulgar language", "spam", "inappropriate content")
  2. I would like to be able to change the items "Report Status" after it has been changed to Rejected/Resolved.
  3. I would like the Search function to be able to do more than just search for reports via members. (Examples: Search based off of report status, member, date, moderator it was assigned to.)
  4. Make moderator/thread actions available from within the Reported Items page.
Placed in spoiler as this is off-topic and there is probably a better place to post this request.
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I see that but it only goes back a week at a time.
{xen:phrase closed_reports_x_y, 'from={xen:datetime $minimumTimestamp, absolute}', 'to={xen:datetime $maximumTimestamp, absolute}
This could possibly work for my purposes. I need to see more than a week at a time though. It appears this can be changed from the template "report_list_closed". What would be the appropriate "xen" time stamp to go back 6 months or 1 year? Or what would be the correct time/date format to enter in a hard date?


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Changing the size of the range would require changing the PHP code, as that controls the one week limit. You're just seeing the display of what it covers.