XF 2.1 How to remove Reported items and Alerts history


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Hi i have a few question which I can't figure out and I need advice.

Is possible in administration/moderator panel delete Reported items ?
When a forum member reports a post, I, as the administrator, send him a statement to this report, so this report will appear on the profile from this
member in Alerts menu. I also see these reports in the moderator panel. Is it possible to delete this reports history from both the moderator panel and the member's Alerts menu?

Is possible so that the user can delete alerts history in his profile (notification center) ?
Each user sees in the notification history whether he received, for example, like, or when someone responded to it, etc.
Is it possible for a user to delete this history? Because it will increase and increase in the future.

Thanks for help


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This is an issue for me also, since I have some members that make reports often about little things that need to be corrected, however, once I fix the issue, there is no need to keep the record of the report. Adding "Delete" button to the report would simplify the task of keeping up with current reports.

Thanks, and please consider this on the next upgrade