XF 2.2 Performance for high count forums and long threads


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I'm planning to rebuild my forum from scratch and want to revisit some warnings I read about back in 2020 when I first installed 2.1.

I originally wanted to create a site that had close to 200 forums. And then just one or two threads in each forum. I remember reading warnings that high forum count was a performance hog, even if the thread count and post count was low.

I decided against my original plan and just went with one Forum and one Thread as a test. That one thread is very busy. 30,000 replies in that one thread since 2020. Yes it's a very long thread, and works with this particular community.

I'm now planning to relaunch with 2.2 and establish 100ish forums, and again two threads each. With one of those threads being never ending.

My current server has no problems with one thread just going on forever. So, I'm having doubts I interpreted those warnings correctly back in 2020.

1. Will I experience performance trouble if I go to 100 forums each with a single thread getting about 25 posts per day?

2. Is the performance issue really only about the number of forums, or really long threads are a concern too?
You will have no issues with threads even with millions of posts. At least as far as rendering the pages and database queries. Specifically the queries to generate the pages of threads relies on the position column in the post table, so the query is able to get just the posts needed (it doesn't need to sort all posts in the thread and then jump to post #100,000 (for example) like other forum software does.
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