Do long threads influence performance on a forum?


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I have some threads on my platform that consists of 400+ pages (!)

I was wondering if threads with a very high amount of pages can cause issues with performance? We are on a shared server and our host is complaining and wants to upsell us to a very expensive VPS.

I am now on vB 3.8, but if we switch to Xenforo I would like to know if it's best to split these threads up in smaller threads or that Xenforo handles these kinds of things better anyway compared to other products.



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From what I've seen (and based on the thread Brogan linked to), performance is not a reason to split threads on XenForo.

The only reason it might be an issue is that it becomes a pain to moderate - but whether this is actually an issue would depend on your site and your moderation style.

I admit that part of the pain of moderating really long threads on my vB sites is the slow loading of multiple pages - which shouldn't really be an issue on XenForo - so most of that moderation pain may well go away (other than the pain of needing to navigate through so many pages to find problem content).


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XenForo moderation actions such as copying & moving posts between threads are operations which are sensitive to long threads.
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