XF 1.4 How much stress do alternate skins put on a forum server?


We're aiming to have an overall skin for our forum with selected fixed alternate skins for specific sub forums. We've been able to create one such skin but found that in trying to clone that/our base skin the system really didn't like it and it actually broke the forum for a bit.

Is this a known problem/risk? I took a look with the search function and found some mention that alternate skins put stress on a server. I know the first sub skin we created took longer to process/save then edits made to our base skin.

Liam W

Well-known member
Whenever a template rebuild is done (when an add-on is installed, updated or uninstalled for example), all templates in all styles are recompiled - this is quite a large task.

It shouldn't be much once the recompile is done.

(Creating a new style also causes the recompile to go through)