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I don't know if this counts as a bug or a suggestion but I figure a staff member will come a long and put this in the correct place.

So basically, L avatars allow for animated images in avatars bypassing any gif restrictions one may have or just the simple fact that one might not have ImageMagick enabled. This is because Xenforo does not parse or do anything to the avatar when its L because its disabled as is(the way the user uploaded it) so it will move for example.

I was wondering as L avatars become more and more common and the fact that major style designers are already including the easy option to switch to them in their styles, could there be a way for xenforo to make sure that avatars don't move unless the administrator wills it?
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Really, this is a suggestion rather than a bug.

When an image is resized and ImageMagick is not installed, it is that which stops a GIF from being animated. So, effectively if a GIF is uploaded and it isn't resized it will always stay animated. There's really no configuration option to control this, it's just accepting the file as is.

There isn't really any intuitive solutions for this but we'll treat it as a suggestion, at least.
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