1. Crash Test

    Unmaintained [UH] GD Gif Animations 2.2.10

    This add-on allows you to properly handle GIF animations using gifsicle, without Imagick PECL extension. Adds a new option to ACP -->> Attachments
  2. XFA

    Unmaintained [ITD] Animated Smileys Pack I 1.0.0

    A set of 24 animated smileys for your forum's smiley menu. Configuration: - Login to ACP. Go to Content>Simlies. Create new category for animated smileys through Add category option (optional). select Import. Select Import from a directory on your server. Enter...
  3. J

    [JUM] No Gif Avatar

    Jumuro submitted a new resource: [JUM] No Gif Avatar - disallow animated avatars. Read more about this resource...
  4. J

    Unmaintained [JUM] No Gif Avatar 2.2.0

    Disallow the use of GIF avatars for certain user groups.
  5. Coop1979

    Add-on GIF / Giphy API Integration

    GIFs are getting huge, obviously. They are becoming integrated into just about every chat app out there. Giphy has made it easy to implement their API into an application like XenForo, using their API docs here: I propose an add-on that would integrate the...
  6. The Dark Wizard

    Lack of interest L Avatars Allow Gifs

    Hello, I don't know if this counts as a bug or a suggestion but I figure a staff member will come a long and put this in the correct place. So basically, L avatars allow for animated images in avatars bypassing any gif restrictions one may have or just the simple fact that one might not have...
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