XF 1.1 Scale up "L" avatars


I have followed some instructions from various threads here on how to increase the size of avatars on the posts area. I've set the max avatar size to 200x200 with a simple php edit, set the appropriate template to use the L avatar instead of M.

It's all working wonderfully unless someone uploads an avatar smaller than 200x200, then it just leaves a large amount of white space instead of scaling the image up to 200 as would be expected.

This is causing design issues since we want a certain level of uniformity on the threads pages and with this issue it is not being respected.

Is there a php edit we can do so not only will the L size be the maximum, but also scale up the L size version if it is too small? We are using the imagick extension to php if that is of any relevance.

We're currently messing around with a CSS3 property instead (background-size: 100% 100%, or background-size: contain) but it is causing some minor design issue that just isn't acceptable to us and we can not find the cause. Not to mention it won't work on older IE versions.

In case the CSS edit is an easier route though, here is the issue,

This ugly demo avatar is originally 112x112 but with the CSS3 property it scales up the way we want with the exception of the following issue:
The nice border/padding that is usually all around the avatar gets ruined on the right and bottom. If we use 98% instead of 100% it solves the issue in posts but has the same effect in other areas that display avatars (even though those are M and not L).



Thanks, that makes it look a bit less silly at least.
We'll still need to figure out how to make it scaled up though.