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I dropped my server at Liquid Web and got basically the same server at Knownhost for half the monthly bill.

I migrated my 1.75 million post 41k member site to them and created about 20 support tickets because I went from Cpanel to Directadmin and not a single ticket took over 5 mins to open and be responded to and ever single issue was fixed to perfection and this was on the "Normal" ticket seting and not labled a "Urgent" . If you need a server you should try them.

If you want to manage your own server you can get a Super deal. Managed hosting adds 49 bucks per month but works for me because I am weak at Linux

Just a FYI
KnownHost is definitely a decent hosting provider.
I personally am using a 4vCPU/8GB/160GB storage VPS with Hetzner and do my own support (of course, I've got over a decade of "playing" with Linux under my belt).
I'm paying a whopping (approximate) $16 a month for my VPS and I've yet to have any issues with them. Their dedicated CPU VPS plans are more expensive, but my site isn't to that point yet, and if it gets there, it will have a dedicated server running a VM style product on it.
I'm using AlmaLinux as the OS and @eva2000's beta version of CentMinMod for it and have been rocking along with no problems.
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