Just switched hosts - Nimbus


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Hi all,

Based upon a lot of research, we have just completed our move to Nimbus Hosting as a step up from previous shared hosts. I am very happy to say that all the many recommendations we received (and some here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/time-to-change-hosts.36640/) are all absolutely in line with our fantastic experience with the company.

Nimbus and the service it provides couldn't be more different to our previous hosts. To our previous hosts we were just a number, and service wise, very low priority. With Nimbus, even from the very first email, we have been made to feel such a welcomed and important customer. Since our moving to Nimbus, the service levels have quite simply exceeded our every expectation, even to the point of helping solve issues outside of our hosting, using the expertise on forum software. For the first time in a long time, I feel positive about the infrastructure behind our fantastic community and can now start looking to future growth rather than existing niggles.

Hopefully this thread will help with your choices - we spent a LOT of time evaluating and trying hosts.
I also switched to Nimbus based on reviews via google and what was posted on this forum. I had dealt with Tim before and wasn't aware at the time he was behind Nimbus hosting and was delighted to see his name pop up when I contacted support. Nimbus add a personal touch with it's customers. Tim listened to my needs, came up with a solution and implemented the solution for me. Moving hosts can be stressful but I had literally had no worries with this move at all, they had it all under control. He has contacted me a couple of times since the move just asking if everything is ok, you just don't get that level of customer service from other hosts. It's those small touches of class that make a big difference.

Honestly, 10 out 10 on everything and I'm a hard man to please!