joomla-xF shared userregistration and templates


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Well, apparently a settlement has been reached in the lawsuit, and it isn't going to trial. We don't yet know the terms of the settlement, and perhaps never will. Haven't seen any official response or roadmap yet, but am a lot more hopeful we can all get back on track making XF the world beating product it already is!

Anyway, yes, it should work with JomSocial, as AFAIK JomSocial triggers all the appropriate J! plugin hooks from the JUser API, which JFusion sits on to do it's magic.

So ... as soon as I see something official from KD committing to XF's future, I'll get back to work on this.

Any progress to report?


I've installed this on my site, but have been having issues with dual login. Anyone else encounter this? If I login to the forum, it won't login to the Joomla site and visa versa.

Allan Hsu

Is there any progress on this?
This would be an awesome plugin in .... getting the best of both worlds. A real CMS + great forum integrated


We will have fully functioning RC version for Jfusion 1.8.4 (Joomla 2.5) available for testing in a few weeks. PM me if you would like to help with testing.
The feature set will be very similar the vBulletin plugin less the frameless and vB specific stuff. Frameless will not be supported.

Once this version is out the door we will continue with the Jfusion 2.0 version. I anticipate having an RC version available mid February.


Hello Phil,

I am new on XenForo and in the testing phase to migrate from vB4 to xf. The bridge from Joomla to XenForo has the most priority for my site.
Please tell me per pm if it works for JFusion 1.8x and Joomla 2.5.x and what is the price to buy it. I wish to set it on two domains later.