Current state of XF and the participation of the XF Team

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Now they can move on looking for a real PR Staff that has a communications background.
Judging by your posts in this thread, they haven't yet taught the word irony in your school.

Come back when you've put in 10 years, have 100k support related posts and tickets, and had to put up with death threats and your wife and daughter being talked about in vile terms, including rape, by people from this site.

How's that for communication.
And how do we communicate back?
I have GREAT success in tickets when I need to communicate with them. In fact, I currently still have an ongoing one from back a month or so ago involving Authy issues that I keep them updated with the latest from the Authy engineers since they waffled between it being an XF issue and then it being an IOS app issue... right now they are saying it is a problem with their current IOS app.
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