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The Sandman

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We've just published a new interview with Jake Bunce.

How would you describe the ideal forum software, and which currently available forum software comes closest to it?

Considering my criticism of feature creep, I am very impressed with XenForo. There is great attention being paid to the core product. And the addition of new features is secondary to the overall user experience. XenForo is a solid forum product as opposed to a forum + lots of features.

I am impressed with the innovations XenForo has made to some standard forum features. The "like" system is effective and simple. Personal conversations make a ton of sense. And the expanded use of avatars in conjunction with the profile system really helps to personalize the forum experience. The result is a superior user experience which is something many forums neglect.

XenForo is a pleasure to work with from a development perspective. I have recently begun porting my addons from vBulletin to XenForo as part of my own conversion. I have found the addon system to be powerful and easy to use once you are familiar with the MVC structure of the code. The template syntax greatly simplifies the code by moving some of the programming into the templates.


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Jake really means it when he says he loves helping people with their website. And he loves SQL queries ;)
My own experience getting help from him is just one small example.


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Excellent interview...

Jake, too bad no one wants you to build that house...no way I could live in such a tiny space but I admire the attitude.


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Very good interview indeed.

I liked this question in particular: "Aren't the European countries more "communal"? They aren't faring very well either." My response following Jake's comments would actually be that one of the main problems in Europe at the moment comes from the financial predicament of Greece (and other countries with similar problems). One could argue that this is also the result of individuals who only cared about their personal interests instead of that of the group. The Greeks wanted early retirement and big government spending for themselves, they didn't think about to what this would eventually lead for the group. Greece became part of the EU based on false data. Now this has big consequences for the group (Europe). The message is clear: human societies can't survive if individuals in that society are only thinking about their personal interests. So I couldn't agree more with this point.

Thanks for doing the interview The Sandman.


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Excellent interview, Jake--you're very well-spoken and your hard work around here is certainly appreciated. Thanks for reposting over here, Howard! :)


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I like this comment the most:
I like supportive roles, hence my interest in teaching and massage therapy. Whatever my role, I need to have a personal interest in it. Some people can work jobs for the sole motivation of money. I cannot.
I think I speak on the behalf of others here: Your time, your immense amount of time here at xenForo is highly appreciated!

-------- Switching subjects now -----------

You seem noble, humble, and to some degree: Shy from ...hm. How should I say this...

...higher brass jobs? Uh... manager level jobs? I don't know the word or title...


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"I don't have a paying job if that's what you mean."

I've heard so much about this man, I think is a good idea to have him as a staff in XenForo. He definitely knows the answer ;)