I have some pre-sale questions (Attention Jake and others)

Hello again,

As a current VBulletin Version 4.2 license holder . . .

1) If purchasing xenForo, how does redirection maintain bookmarks for members?

All of our threads start with mysite.com/forums/(and the thread number and name). Will a redirection be necessary if the xenForo web link is the same, and I move the VB forum to a different url on our server (as a backup)?​

2) I would like to maintain our full VB forum on our server as a reference, and perhaps use the VB AdminCP to turn off the forums (except for admins), while using xenForo in place of all of urls.

3) I noticed that the url for xenForo threads (in this forum) do not match the VBulletin thread urls. Will that be a problem?

4) Is there a visual comparison chart showing the features listed side-by-side for VB, xenForo, and other forum software companies?

Thank you,

1) I'm not sure I understand. The redirect scripts redirect all old links and bookmarks:


2) Then setup redirects in the previous vB location for the benefit of old links and bookmarks, and move the actual vB forum to a new location.

3) The different URLs are not a problem. That's why the redirect scripts.

4) The better question is usually, what features do you need?

But here are some vB comparisons:

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