Lack of interest Improve UI regarding handling of subscription user upgrades that have been cancelled

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As per this thread:

Currently if a user purchases an recurring subscription user upgrade they have the ability to cancel it from the user upgrade page.


As it stands, once a user cancels the subscription, this interface doesn't change and the cancel button is still visible, which makes it look like that their subscription is still active and they may still be charged a renewal on the expiry date.

I feel this is confusing to the user, they may then try to cancel again to be sure, which results in this error message:


That error message itself is still ambiguous and doesn't confirm that the subscription is successfully cancelled. This may result in users creating tickets with the site admin to verify their subscription status, creating more work for the admin and hindering the overall user experience for the person using the upgrade system.

It would be better if the cancel button was removed after the subscription is successfully cancelled and the user was informed that their upgrade expires on x date and it will now not automatically renew.
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