Improve visibility and usability of recurring user upgrade subscription cancellations and allow communication with members


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XF has poor visibility, and therefore usability, of user upgrade recurring subscription cancellations. I would like to see this be improved, giving awareness to admins and allowing communication with users.

I think a use case example is best to explain this...

1. User ABC123 purchases/extends a yearly recurring user upgrade, using PayPal, on Aug 08, 2020. This is visible within Active User Upgrades ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/active ) and by the user's membership of the upgrade's additional user groups ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/abc.1/edit )

2. On April 06 2021 (4 months before annual expiry) user ABC123 cancels the annual recurring subscription/payment via their PayPal logon/account ( because xF doesn't have any functionality for doing it from their xF account, see for that suggestion ).

Despite receiving a callback notification from PayPal for this cancellation, there is no admin visibility or engagement/communication with the user resulting from this cancellation. Issues arising from this;
  • The payment provider log ( /admin.php?logs/payment-provider/ ) records the entry/callback from Paypal but it's result is "Action: Information: OK, no action" and without a username "User: Unknown user".
  • Nothing is recorded in the user's change log ( /admin.php?users/abc.123/edit#user-changes ) for this
  • There is no visibility of the cancellation in the user's active user upgrade entry in either the list ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/active&username=abc123 ) or editing the active upgrade ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/edit-active&user_upgrade_record_id=101010 )
  • When the upgrade expires ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/expired ) you have no reason or visibility for why, because of the lack of user account change log or username searching of the payment provider log.
  • You have very limited visibility and methodology, automated or manual, for communicating and engaging with the user for the upgrade recurring cancellation
To resolve this, providing better visibility and stronger engagement with valuable upgrade members, I suggest the following functionalities (in weighted order, highest first);
  • The ability to automatically send conversation and/or email to the user, triggered by the recurring upgrade subscription cancellation ( similar to New user welcome via /admin.php?options/groups/usersAndRegistration/ ) and when activated/ticked within the upgrade ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/ )
  • Ensure the payment provider log associates the username against the recurring subscription cancellation callback entry
  • Add an entry to the user's account change log for the recurring upgrade subscription cancellation
  • When viewing active user upgrades, represent in both the ist ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/active&username=abc123 ) and editing the active upgrade ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/edit-active&user_upgrade_record_id=101010 ) that the recurring subscription has been cancelled for expiry renewal.
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My users have many questions since we got upgrades added. Not to mention simple card expiry/CC number rotation cannot be accommodated easily.
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