how to get the link of a specific post


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I am not very experienced with the use of forums, so my following question:

when you are on a certain thread.
how to get the PermaLink URL of a specific post ?

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Yes, they're permalinks. Also, the date is a permalink as well. Not every date in the system is a permalink, but this is a concept that occurs quite often in XF.


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... hence why the start dates on the thread list always point to the first post of a thread. They are the permalinks.


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ahhhh, I just did not recognize that the post# numbers are click-able.

......yeah, I know you do not want to put everything into the face of the user immediately ;-)


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BTW: all you guys have replied to this thread (my thread), but I did not receive any Alert regarding your replies.
Would be great to receive alerts if somebody replies to my own thread.

I was actually thinking: why the heck are all these guys ignoring my questions... ? ;)

Sorry, I know this is off-topic and I think I saw a thread about this issue. But I could not find that thread.


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I guess "watch" is selected by default when creating a new thread ?

I did not un-check the selected box on thread-creation......


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Wouldn't it be nice if all text links were blue in color? That way we don't have to hunt around looking for links.
Report, like and reply wouldn't stand out as much then.
Also, permalinks/member profile links are all the same color, and are generally considered lesser importance to action links.


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You have to manually check the Watch box when creating a new thread, as it is not checked by default. :)
my "watch thread" checkbox is always selected by default when creating a new thread.
Still I did not receive any Alerts on this thread.....