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XF 1.2 how to find the locations (class) of the different pages XenForo


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For example:

- Conversation -> .conversations_list, conversation_view
- Forumhome -> forum_list
- Forum display -> forum_view, forum_list
etc ....

I did not find anything about it ..


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View source of any page and search for
<div id="content" class="
For example, on forum home, you will find
<div id="content" class="forum_list">

That means the template is forum_list


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It's been in the FAQ for about 3 years...

How can I find out which template to edit?
Using your browser, view the page source and look for a line of code near the top of the page which begins
<div id="content" class="; the class is the name of the template. So for the main forum page, the line of code is:<div id="content" class="forum_list">, which makes the template forum_list.