XF 1.5 How to find the poster of a special number of post


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I am looking for a way to find the user who posted the x post in our forum.
We are close to 1.111.111 posts. I would like to give this user who wrote the last one to fulfill this number a special announcement.

Problem is that we have some parts in our forum where posts are not counting. So the DB and the history of the forum shown at frontend are not the same. In DB we have more than 1.5 million post. Including soft deleted.

Is there any way to get what i want?
I understand it.
Just was curious about the try yesterday with 1000000 post brought me to an actual post.
So i thought this might be a good approach.

But today with the number 1111111 shows up an old post. Between the try yesterday and today no posts was deleted, merged or altered in any way. Because i am ahead 6 hours of my moderators due different time zones.

Anyway. Was just an idea to mention a special amount of posts.
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