how to export users who agree to emails?


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Just go to Email Users and "only generate a list of email addresses". It's actually the email and name tab separated so it can be put directly into MailChimp (IIRC) or can be pasted into something like Excel and exported as desired.

Brandon Sheley

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sweet, thanks Mike :)

(Ps.. I was hoping it would be that easy but didn't see an option right away)

PPS.. thanks, worked prefect (y)
now to just get the newsletter together


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Is there a way to export just the email addresses?

I've copied and pasted my list into excel but it puts both the email address and username in one column. Or is there a way to paste it into two columns?


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A blank page is sometimes due to a suppressed error. Edit the library/config.php file and add the following:
ini_set('display_errors', true);