XF 2.2 "Display votes publicly" option disappeared after unchecking it - how to fix?


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Okay, I have a couple things going on at the same time.
  • I created a poll where users could view results, and see who voted.
  • I noticed that unregistered users (not logged in) could also see the results
  • I only wanted users who logged in to see the results, so I tried changing some of the options, like "Display votes publicly".
Now the "Display votes publicly" option is gone.

After a quick search through the forums, I gather it was a "privacy" thing to not allow votes to be displayed after votes were cast. Sure, okay, but how do I recover from unchecking it accidently?

  1. Is there a value in the database I can change to re-activate that option again? ("Display votes publicly" = yes)
  2. And how would I solve my initial issue - hiding poll results from users not logged in, but displaying them to logged in users only?



To illustrate my point:

When a user IS NOT logged in (ie. public visitor)

not logged in.png

When a user IS logged in:

logged in.png

Seems to me a bit backward. I mean, the public user should not see the results, while the registered user should (if they option is set)
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By default.. you can't AFAIK. You can not show the results to any that have not voted.. which means that guests typically can't vote, so they can't see the results. Only those that voted can... but then they aren't displayed to signed in users that have not voted... to get that, you are probably going to need either (at the least) template edits.. but odds are extending via an add-on.
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