XF 1.5 How best incorporate our menu with UIX?

Stuart Wright

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At some point I want to implement UIX on AVForums (@Mike Creuzer) but the main thing holding me up is that I need our unique menu system to work with it.
It was coded by John Warwick who continues to work on our editorial system.
What I want is something more like an addon which I can install on to UIX or any style.
Please take a look at AVForums
We have a layer of menu items above the normal Xenforo menu.
What I want to do is keep that layer, with the ability to change the contents via template edits.
The first two menu items are the key and problematic ones.
The first, currently COMMUNITY, I want to rename to FORUMS and accommodate the normal Xenforo menu plus a method of navigating down a few layers into the forums themselves.
I knocked this mockup up a while ago


The TOOLS menu contains the usual Xenforo FORUMS menu. What I don't like about the Xenforo submenu is that it's horizontal.
The second menu item along, REVIEWS, shows the latest reviews in each of our four content hubs, HOME AV, MOVIES, GAMING and TECH.
The rest of the menu items are straightforward links except MORE which I want to be a drop-down into which I can put several more links to key areas of the site.

What do you think? We're gong to need an addon to achieve this, I guess.
The other issue is getting the menu to work on mobile (which accounts for a significant % of our traffic).
Really I would like the mobile navigation to work like Tapatalk. I.e. totally different to desktop Xenforo. Tapatalk may be held in low regard by many people, and I would love to ditch it, but its navigation is better than responsive Xenforo.
Any thoughts on this?
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Its definitely something that can be built. The real only main issue is the problem (if you can call it that) of how many nodes you have. A handful of nodes and you wouldnt really need to do ajax calls. So you need a custom solution, and its probably not something we want integrated with UI.X at this point, although definitely useful to some.

Definitely will need an add-on and SMART javascript development.
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