1. R

    Account Menu Tweak 1.0.1

    Remove the text for user, whats-new and search. Show icons for whats-new and bookmarks. The menu always remains the same short and unchanged, whether on the phone or PC screen.
  2. hozuke

    XF 2.2 Top menu category

    Hello, does anyone know how it is possible to reproduce this menu. where the categories appear, try my way. but it doesn't work like on this website. someone help me ?
  3. XDinc

    Unmaintained [XTR] Horizontal Slider Menu 1.0.0

    This add-on provides you add unlimited slider items, so you can use it for many different purposes! Social platforms Quick access to categories/forums Featured and listed products/items Supporters and Sponsors General Options Style properties Public view Mobile view Features...
  4. BassMan

    [cXF] What's New Tabs on Forum List 1.2.2

    Description: Add What's new tabs to the forum list with some extra features. For instance, now you can decide to remove the What's New navigation tab completely. Features: add What's New tabs to the forum list added the Forum list tab link option to remove each default tab separately (What's...
  5. HenrikHansen

    XF 2.2 Menu items sub categories resources

    In the menu I have inserted some menu items for caegories in the RM, and it works fine, but when clicked, they are not highlighted, instead "resources" are highlighted, which confuses the users, see fx here Any good ideas to solve this?
  6. BassMan

    [cXF] Mega Menu Tab 1.1.0

    Description: Add a mega menu tab to your navigation with some extra features. DEMO on Features: set position of mega menu tab on bigger screens (as first navigation tab or as the last one) set position of mega menu tab on mobile (as top navigation tab or as the bottom one)...
  7. BassMan

    [cXF] Staff Menu 1.1.7

    Description: Add staff bar links to visitor panel with some extra features. The default staff bar is removed, because all admin tools are now in account visitor panel (with optional Staff tab for widgets) or in dedicated Admin tab in account visitor panel. See more below. Features: remove...
  8. BassMan

    [cXF] Highlight new menu item

    This is a DIY tutorial to achieve this: As you can see you can get an icon that changes on hover only on new items just to highlight them a bit more. Open you extra.less template and add the code: To edit the icon check class &:before. To change the Font Awesome icon edit the word...
  9. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] What's New Tweak 2.2.1

    This add-on is shared with the Xenforo community for free without branding. Donations are welcome by just liking this add-on or leaving a nice review, that's all! :love: This addon will change some of the What's new features in such a way that it is more consistent and easier to understand for...
  10. whassell20

    How do I remove New Posts?

    For some reason it is not letting me remove items from the header menu.
  11. C

    XF 2.0 Open (added) nav link in new tab

    I just added a store link to my navigation menu by going to Setup>Public Navigation, but I can not figure out what I need to do in order to get that new link to open up a new tab. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Stuart Wright

    XF 2.0 How do you insert a horizontal rule into the nav menu?

    I'm rearranging the nav menu and have put What's New and Members under the Forums menu. I want to insert a horizonal rule above each of them to separate them out, but can't see how to do that. Is must be possible, but I'm not seeing an option for it. How can I add a horizontal rule, please? Thanks
  13. Dermot

    Unmaintained Font Awesome on Menu and Sub Menus

    Add font awesome icons to menu and submenu drop downs. More unicode font awesome codes can be found at Font Awesome Icon List (* Xenforo only Supports Font awesome 4) When you click single icon it will have unicode under the icon shown. You can add colour anytime using the CSS color...
  14. Mike Morrell

    XF2 Demo - question on navigation/menus (not in the manual?)

    Hi, I'm trying out a XF2 demo version to learn more about XF2. The manual describes 2 basic menu levels and some options to customise menus. I used the 'sort' function during the setup to customise the demo menu structure. I've grouped several second-level 'media watches' under one top-level...
  15. Satix

    XF 1.5 Editing @Mention Pop Up?

    Where can I edit the menu that pops up when you try to mention a user? I've tried using inspect element and breaking on the subtree, which worked for the draft button, but I can't inspect this menu before it disappears. Here's the menu I'm talking about: Thanks!
  16. Ozzy47

    Unmaintained [HA] Floating Menu 1.2.3

    PLEASE BEWARE!!! This addon is unmaintained, no support is offered with this any longer. Hi, With this add-on you can easily create a floating menu with unlimited items. Main Features: Style Properties to customize anythings Different Options to control anything Icon Picker for menu items (+...
  17. D

    XF 1.5 How move to the right of the menu the help link.

    Hi, plz, i try to move the help link at the end of the menu. I try on navigation template, but profit not recognize anything about helplink. <!-- extra tabs: end --> <xen:if is="{$extraTabs.end}"> <xen:foreach loop="$extraTabs.end" key="$extraTabId" value="$extraTab">...
  18. Alpha1

    Navigation Menu Manager for Footer, Mod bar, Addon Navigation, etc

    XF2 will have a Navigation Manager which applies exclusively to the header tabs and subnavigation. It would be extremely useful to also have functionality to manage: Footer Navigation Menu's. Its common for sites to have extensive footer menu's. No matter if we want a small footer menu like...
  19. Kintaro

    Style Merged off canvas menu and sidebar

    I love off canvas menu and side bar in Audentio Corps... but I hate the two separated button to access them. As we I can't be sure is xenforo default style will include this suggestion: @Mike Creuzer ...
  20. BassMan

    [cXF] Simple Account Menu [Paid]

    BassMan submitted a new resource: [cXF] Simple Account Menu - Simplify the visitior tab account menu. Read more about this resource...
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