High Quality Add-ons and code review


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I offer myself as developer of high quality XenForo add-ons.

My services:
  • custom add-on development (simple or complicated, with javascript or without)
  • code review of any existing add-ons
  • error, compatibility or performance fixing of any existing add-ons
  • mysql tuning for better performance

Usually I work with big board (>1M posts and >1K simultaneously online).
My services are not cheap, but my add-ons have an excellent quality with a maximum performance.


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I don't understand what exactly what you want.
If you want auto language switcher than such add-on exists already.
You can PM me with detailed explanation of the add-on and after that I can answer about cost of development.


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@SavvyShopper, I have created many add-ons for Russian speaking communities.
many add-ons at
some internal add-ons and performance fixes at

Some examples of my old works:
- thread tweaks (tree view and other thread tweaks)
- simple userblogs

One of my latest work:
news feed (homepage)


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I talked to many developers and this guy is straight awesome. He is very friendly, very trustworthy and he is one of the few guys with solid skills. So there is nothing he can't do for you. If you look for someone who wouldn't charge you for all little extra things, this is the right guy. I am a student and must pay attention to my outgoings and I am very happy that I talked to him.
He even adds major features without asking for more money. He says that his services are not cheap but compared to others, he is a lot cheapier than the most of the guys around here because he delivers you all around packages. That is a big plus. He can write scripts and add-ons (very complex ones, can assure you). And he accepts money after you are satisfied with your wishes, at least this was the case for me (so it depends on the circumstances I guess). So, give it a try and see it for yourself.
We recently ordered custom work from this developer . Job was delivered in promised time frame , plus we had to tweek some of the points , he gladly made modification. Always ready to communicate. Reasonable price , fast delivery.. Very recommended ... A+


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@Yoskaldyr made a very complex add-on for me. He understood exactly what I needed and was upfront about potential roadblocks. The final result was exactly what I'd hoped for, and it was finished on time and within the estimated budget. I'm new to xenforo and he was very patient when answering all my questions. His communication is excellent. His prices are reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend him or use his services again.

Update: I just wanted to follow up almost a year later and say that Yoskaldyr's support this past year has been top notch. He answers every question thoroughly and is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I've met in the XenForo community.
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