Installing add ons and customizing before import?

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I remember reading somewhere a long time back it was best to do the import from vB 4 to Xenforo before installing add ons and customizing the site.

Would it really create many problems by doing that before the import or not?
Say install the software, then get things set up how I want with add ons and styles and other customizing then do the import data base from vB 4 to Xenforo
Not adding any boards or anything just the above.

New Joe

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Unless the add-on is going to adjust the import process, I would probably install add-ons after importing.
Thanks for the reply Mike.
All I was thinking was setting up all the custom add ons and styles and such for the Forum before importing the data base from vB4
That way a lot of time would have been already done setting up the few site then after doing the import the Forum would be ready to get opened up quicker

But if doing it that way first could cause problems then guess i'd do it without.


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FYI, I created a blank, pre-configured, all-addons-installed instance of XenForo prior to the import as a way to reduce the downtime for the site. I then backed up this instance and used it as my test bed

I had no problems doing it this way. I presume you'll be doing a test import before you do the real thing, so I'd just go ahead and try it with all the addons installed and see if anything breaks.

It is, of course, always best practice (and always a developer's recommendation) that you install in a clean environment with no unknowns. BUT, sometimes specific needs trump the "best" way to do things, and I needed to keep the downtime short, so I just tested multiple times to make sure it was all okay.

Your mileage may vary.

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In regard to the import from my vB data base to the Xenforo data base.
I guess it doesn't actually do anything to my vB database, so that would still be intact after importing it to my Xenforo database and still usable for checking things out?
Is that correct?