Looking to hire someone to Install & Configure XenForo and create a couple custom add-ons



I am looking for assistance in setting up a forum. I already have a xenForo license and web hosting. I know how to install it as I've done it a couple times before and it's quite easy, so I'm just asking for help installing it again as a courtesy. I am primarily looking to pay for someone to assist me in configuring and customizing the forum along with creating a few add-ons. If these add-ons have already been created and are on the market somewhere, maybe I can just buy them and pay for installation/configuration services.

What I need?

1. Complete forum installation

2. Complete forum configuration (logo upload, color theme, forum threads and categories, etc.)

3. Add-on development

Custom Add-on #1: Keyword Alert Tool - I need this feature to be implemented for certain user groups to allow them to track a certain amount of keywords. When a keyword is mentioned in a forum post, the user that has the specific word added in their selection will be automatically e-mailed/PM'd linking them to the post.

Custom Add-on #2: Custom Badges - I need custom badge icons for different user groups to identify different member ranks.

Custom Add-on #3: Advertisement Management System - I need some form of easy to use ad system where my admins and I can easily remove/upload advertisement banners that won't be interrupted by adblock services.

Custom Add-on #4: Automated Sticky Posts - I need some form of system where sticky posts can be automatically posted and removed by time stamps after a user pays to have their post 'upgraded'.

4. Test & review (to make sure the forum works and is ready to open to the public)

If you need more information or don't understand some of my requests, please don't hesitate to contact me. As regards to pricing, I would like to discuss this privately. I honestly don't really know what a fair price would be. I'm sure there are many variables that fluctuate pricing such as time frame and experience. Payment will be done via PayPal and I usually do 50/50. First 50% deposit before we begin, and 50% after final product has been completed.

To contact me, please feel free to add me on Skype for quick instant messaging or just e-mail me.

Skype: PKNPatrickN
E-mail: Patrick.Nett[at]Gmail.com

Thank you for reading my request!

Dalton Prock

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Hello there, I've left you a message with information on what we can offer. Hope to speak with you soon! :)