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I'm looking for someone who can modify ThemeHouse's Connected Account Provider add-on, (or add a new custom oAuth provider using xenforo built in service).
  • I have a website where users can register (sign up) and log in.
  • I also have a xenforo installation.
  • I would like the user who login to my website, to seamlessly be logged in to the xenforo installation when they click on the URL.
  • I have a custom oAuth server set up and ready to go. I just need an oAuth client integrated with the xenforo installation.
ThemeHouse's Connected Account Provider seems to provide that service with google, facebook, amazon, etc... I would just like my custom service to be added to that list.

I also found these instructions: Xenforo Custom oAuth Guide, but it is beyond my capability.

If anyone can help do this, please let me know.

Thank you!

SIDE NOTE: I've contacted ThemeHouse several times over the last couple weeks, reaching out to them on their website, facebook, and even here on xenforo. I only received one reply once, asking if I was interested in a "package" that didn't have anything to do with my request. That was over a week ago. So I am now looking at a third party who might be interested in helping since I can not get their attention.
@BubbaLovesTV apologies for any delays. We're rather busy at the moment with some projects. We do have something we've built already though I think, its just not entirely pushed or compiled out anywhere I do not think. Can you bump up your ticket and ask for me? Ill see about whether we can share it.
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