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[Wutime] Google Adsense Autoads - Quickly add Google Adsense Autoads to your website

Quickly add Google's Adsense to your website using Google's Autoads placement.

Setup is easy:

  • Download and install the addon
  • Enter your Adsense publisher ID
  • Choose any usergroups you don't want to show ads to
  • Enable the plugin
  • Profit!
There are no phrases or multilingual considerations required.

This is a simple template modification to place the appropriate Adsense code into your <head></head> tag of your site template.
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Hope you adđ AdSense not show in page like register page, conversion page, error page
Thanks for the heads up. I'll update to ensure it's not shown on all the typical pages it shouldn't (similar to the integrated XF advertising system). Though, being autoads Google would be choosing what pages to show the adverts.

Either way, a good point you've made.


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literally the first result when you google on google for "google auto ads":



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literally the first result when you google on google for "google auto ads":

Thanks. But whose to tell if the functionality there is all the XENFORO add-on offers?
I suppose the add-on isn't even required if all it does is inject code before the closing </head> tag then right?