Google Adsense Autoads (Advanced)

Google Adsense Autoads (Advanced) v2.0

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  • New AdSense code released July 19, 2021 (fully backward/forwards compatible)
  • The new AdSense code allows AdSense to trigger optimization features earlier which can improve the performance of the ads on your site.
  • The new ad code works for both Auto ads and ad units.
  • Updating will ensure you're able to take advantage of the new optimization features.
This update brings a user requested update as follows:
  • Ability to exclude any selected forum (and child forums) within your community from showing ads
Thanks @novice
  • There is no update, previous update showed v1.5.6 (typo), when in fact the current version is v1.6.0
  • Added the ability to prevent ads showing on any of the XF Resource Pages
  • Added new option group (exclude controllers)
  • Added exclusions for numerous default controllers of xenforo (23 granular exclusions)
  • Updated language in options to be more clear
  • Tiny performance improvement moving check for addon-enabled to first check in PHP
  • Added help link to get Publisher ID
  • Made prevent more obvious using bold style in option titles
  • Latest Google Adsense code update (no longer requires auto_ads targeted)
  • Updated option group positioning
  • Updated support link
  • Updated language in options
  • Moved option group to fall below all default Xenforo option groups as per best practices
  • No update; just trying to update download URL.
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  • By default the addon now excludes all the normal templates:
    • error
    • login
    • login_password_confirm
    • login_two_step
    • message_page
    • register_complete
    • register_connected_account
    • register_confirm
    • register_form