Google Adsense Autoads (Basic)

Google Adsense Autoads (Basic) v1.1.0

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Google Adsense Autoads (free) - Quickly add Google Adsense Auto Ads to your website.

Quickly add Google's Adsense to your website using Google's Autoads placement.

Setup is easy:
  • Download and install the addon
  • Enter your Adsense publisher ID
  • Enable the plugin
  • Profit!
There are no phrases or multilingual considerations required.

This is a simple template modification to place the appropriate Adsense code into your <head></head> tag of your site template.

If you'd like advanced display features and the ability to remove usergroups from...

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Or is there another add-on that will save you from this problem?

You can manually create each ad-unit independently with Google AdSense and then manually add them to your templates.

If you want Google to automatically place advertisements, then no, there's not much you can do with regards to where Google will automatically decide to place adverts.