Server issue  Forum Account verification mail issue

Ryan Kent

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BUG? It seems if a newly registered user enters an incorrect e-mail address something goes wrong on the back-end which causes the e-mail not to be sent.

I just made a clean install of the XenForo forums on my server. Upon completion the first thing I did was to create a test user account. After a few minutes I noticed I did not receive the confirmation e-mail to activate the account and realized I made a typo when entering the e-mail address. I selected my account's Contact Details, corrected my e-mail address, entered my password as required, then saved the changes.

After I saw the "Your account is currently awaiting confirmation. Confirmation was sent to xxx" screen, I pressed the Resend Confirmation Email link. A moment later I realized it still showed the old (incorrect) e-mail address. I pressed refresh (F5) and then the correct e-mail address appeared so once again I pressed the Resend Confirmation Email link. After waiting 5 minutes, no email came. I re-checked the email address in my Contact Details and am 100% sure it is correct. I tried Resend Confirmation Email again, but it had no effect.

I sent a test mail to my account and it was received instantly. I tried setting up another forum account and I received the Confirmation Email within seconds. After ?20+ minutes I still have not received the email for the original account.


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Are both email accounts at the same domain? The vast majority of issues come down to server configuration and spam filters. If the mail goes out, it's hard to do much more beyond that.

I just tested the resend confirmation process, and it was sent/received without an issue. You can likely test the issue by manually switching the known "good" account to "awaiting confirmation" (via the admin CP user edit) and resending your confirmation.

Ryan Kent

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Doh! My Homer Simpson moment.

The e-mail was flagged by Microsoft "SmartScreen" (default on all hotmail accounts apparently) as spam and went to the junk folder. Issue resolved, thank you Mike.

One minor tidbit you might want to clean up.....when a user who has not activated his account goes to the CONTACT DETAILS screen and changes his e-mail address, then saves those changes, the frame at the top of the screen which says "Your account is currently awaiting confirmation. Confirmation was sent to xxx@yy.zz" is not updated properly. It still shows the old e-mail address. If a user presses F5 and refreshes the screen, it will update properly but I would suggest that after pressing the SAVE button an auto-refresh should occur or the frame should be updated.

Thx again.

PS. I noticed in the Admin CP Edit User screen there is a section called User State. Can anyone share the difference between "Awaiting email Confirmation" and "Awaiting email Confirmation (from edit)".


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Awaiting email confirmation is for newly registered members who haven't yet clicked on the link sent to them.

Awaiting email confirmation (from edit) is for existing members who then change their email address.

Ryan Kent

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So users have to re-verify after changing their e-mail address?! Another outstanding feature.

Thanks for the clarification.