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Hey community,

since a few weeks my forum mails (email confirmation, conversations and forum watch) mostly go to Spam (gmail). I checked my mail and used mail-tester to find the issue. I'm getting an issue called "HEADER_SPAM" in the SpamAssassin category. I tried to google it and find something about it but I failed. What is the issue about? How to fix it?


Can anyone confirm that RDNS_NONE helps to fix emails going to spam?

Also does anyone else know some tips and tricks about how to make the best out of mailing? ;) I'm maybe thinking to switch my mail to a mail service. Has anyone some recommendations?

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I believe those are added by the receiving mail servers, not by Xenforo.

I would note that Gmail is quite possibly the absolute worst when it comes to sending mail to spam, even when it isn't but mail, although Yahoo and AOL and Hotmail/Live/Outlook are right up there.

Make sure your email server has valid DKIM and SPF records, as well as Reverse DNS (PTR) - this is what RDNS means above.

Also see if these help:

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