Nicely done - I like this idea.

I may adapt the concept and have the avatar and icon, so you can see at a glance the member who generated the alert and the alert type.
Already planned on adding back in the "Mini-Me" icon.

So many different alerts, its a pain to do individual. I could have grouped, but I wanted people to have total abilioty to customize.
Yes, that would probably do it.
Although it may even work the other way too - with the icon as the "mini me".
Would the ability to select icon and color be worthwhile?
Pretty cool this is happening. Making life of staff/users of busy forums easier to distinguish type of alerts. You know when a user likes 100 of your posts at once? Try to find a quote alert on the middle of that! o_O
Added ability to choose the "default" alert icon.


Still unsure about using an avatar... in either large or small form.


Reasoning is some "moderation" alerts, don't contain a default avatar...



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Well i don't mind loosing the avatars as the whole or have them aligned on the corner of the icon. Yeah moderation stuff appears as default avatar on XF wasn't remembering.
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