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  1. BassMan

    [cXF] Advanced Footer 1.0.5

    FEATURES fixed (sticky) footer enable fixed footer so the footer will always stay on top and visible make fixed footer wide to it fits the browser an not only the forum width disable fixed footer on mobile if you wish footer icons add icons to footer links choose any Font Awesome icons...
  2. MattiGB

    Halloween Shock 1.0

    Full responsive Dark & Orange colors Halloween theme! Pumpkin icon set Xenforo 1.5.15 compatible
  3. XFA

    [XFA] Custom Username Icons 4.0.0

    Description Custom Username Icons brings a new level of customization for you and your users ! This add-on lets your user select an icon to be displayed near their username everywhere on your board. Icons can be selected either from a list of Font Awesome icons (more than 500 icons) or from a...
  4. Arty

    SimpleSVG - replacement for glyph fonts, offering more than 20,000 icons

    XenForo 2 default style uses FontAwesome. You can select custom icon for node, which is cool, but you are limited to small set of FontAwesome icons. FontAwesome is... awesome, but as any other glyph font, it has downsides that limit users to only small set of icons: Clients need to load entire...
  5. MoFurq

    XF 1.5 UIX Dark Missing icons

    I just purchased and installed UIX-Dark and have missing icons. This is across all pages of my forums. http://www.melonmc.net/community The theme is currently set a child of the UIX theme. Any help would be appreciated :)
  6. BassMan

    [cXF] Random Modifications

    BassMan submitted a new resource: [cXF] Random Modifications - Add some icons and other tweaks. Read more about this resource...
  7. BassMan

    [cXF] Random Modifications 1.1.0

    Description: This add-on/template modifications makes a few tweaks when it's enabled. There are no options, you can manually change some templates or ask for support. You can also view all features form this add-on on our site customizeXF. Requirements: Font Awesome is required for this...
  8. BassMan

    [cXF] Sidebar Extension for XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.0

    Description: This add-on will enhance your default XenForo Media Gallery sidebar. * if you will use Font Awesome icons, it is recommended to install this add-on: https://www.customizexf.com/resources/cxf-font-awesome-switch.3/, unless you already have them installed by a third party style or...
  9. dougiemac

    Add-on US State Flags

    Since my forum relies heavily on knowing which state a member is located, I am looking for an Add-On that will replace "Location" for a validated zip code. If that can't be easily done, a dropdown selecting State. Then based on that zip code, a US State flag icon would be visible on the members...
  10. BobbyWibowo

    [Endless Horizon] Social Share 2.2.3

    Overlay social share widget. Yet another replacement for the default Share This Page widget. Ps. This image is from version 2.2.3 (the update which includes a few more sites that aren't available in any other screenshots within this page). Notable Features: Uses Font Awesome for icons...
  11. kalco

    Trophies Icons Pack 2.0

    Pack with 50 Awesome icons for trophies Available size 200x200 -Color 200x200 -Black & white 50x50 - Color recommended for custom moddification Thanks
  12. BassMan

    [cXF] Font Awesome Switch

    BassMan submitted a new resource: [cXF] Font Awesome Switch - Run Font Awesome icons on your site locally or via CDN. Read more about this resource...
  13. BassMan

    [cXF] Font Awesome Switch 4.7.0a

    Run Font Awesome icons on your site locally or via CDN. *note: you can use this add-on for our add-ons that runs Font Awesome icons or for any other third party add-on < options > How to install: If you're going to use Font Awesome locally than upload the content in the Upload folder (use...
  14. enivid

    Add-on Add-on with Custom Attachment Icons

    Hello! I need add-on that would install custom attachment icons for 24 file extensions (some of them will share the same icons). The add-on should be somewhat similar to this one, but for different file extensions and with better quality images. I will provide the icon files for the few most...
  15. BassMan

    [cXF] Social Icons in Header [Paid]

    BassMan submitted a new resource: [cXF] Social Icons in Header - Add social, rss or/and contact icon to header with Font Awesome Read more about this resource...
  16. BassMan

    [cXF] Social Icons in Header 1.3.1

    Description: This add-on will add an option for social icons (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+), RSS or contact icon to show in header. * if you will use Font Awesome icons, it is recommended to install this add-on: https://www.customizexf.com/resources/cxf-font-awesome-switch.3/, unless...
  17. Sheldon

    Add-on Font Awesome Icons For Alerts

    Stemming from this post: XF 1.5 - Icons instead of Avatars on Alerts? , and getting a HUGE push in the correct direction from @Liam W , I've started replacing alerts with icons instead of avatars. *all moderator/admin actions - alerts are red in color. Here is a preview: Alerts Dropdown...
  18. Adam K M

    New editor buttons - feedback:

    Hello guys, I just spent around an hour and fifteen minutes restyling the buttons/editor for xenForo's default editor, and I'm wondering... Yay or nay? What're your thoughts on this icon changeup? For those wondering, it uses (extended) Material Design Icons.
  19. BassMan

    [cXF] Thread prefix with Font Awesome icons [Deleted]

    BassMan submitted a new resource: Thread prefix with Font Awesome icons - Guide how to create thread prefix with Font Awesome icon. Read more about this resource...
  20. ThemeHouse

    Rogue 1.5.16a.0

    Rogue is a very simplistic XenForo theme that really focuses on icons and flat interface design. We are using FontAwesome by default, but with our organization methods you can easily change that icon set out for another. We find that with this simple elegant approach, you can make a theme that...