Fixed Editor bug invisible text lag


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In the editor I have come across this bug several times tonight using my iphone 5. What happens is when you are typing your cursor moves but no text shows until you stop typing and it lags for a few seconds. Same if you go to delete text. It's happening randomly currently but I have caught it on screen :)

As you can see the cursor is ahead but no text is showing between the cursor and the text (I promise they are not spaces lol) in a few moments the text showed.
Here I am deleting text and you can see the delay happening.
And after a few seconds the text was deleted properly.


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Tracy Perry

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Just checking but do you have the latest iOS updates?
I'm running 6.1.2 (won't do 6.1.3 since you can't JB it) and have the problem. When I get back home will also check on my Galaxy Tab to see if it does it or if it is an IOS special feature. :p

Tracy Perry

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May have been a fluke, but the other problem has hit several times on this post. Screen refresh stops it. Also, on iPad mini the cursor does not respond to location input if you make a mistake and press on the word. It only allows the select from the end of the text string.


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I can confirm the editor seems temperamental in iOS. Few flaws, sometimes typing does nothing. Sometimes the page needs refreshing to enter text and sometimes there is quite a large lag before the text decides to appear! :)

Adam Howard

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iOS is such a trouble maker. I don't know what Apple does that makes it so hard to debug things.

Of course, not suggesting not not be support.... Just commenting on the fact.


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I've type this message 3 times on Chrome on my ipad and each time it's crashed the browser... Fingers crossed for number four.

I've been having problems where it stops typing, particularly when formatting as you go along. Have to switch the editor, and I can see - for example - the text which is in bold tags, plus a second empty set of bold tags. Removing the second set, and switching back then let's me carry on typing.

It may be a double tap by mistake, when trying to hit the buttons with my fat fingers. It certainly seems problematic on the ipad though.

Adam Howard

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Redactor 9 does not have this problem. Visiting their demo all is working fine. Notice their change log suggest they corrected Chome / Safari bug

I only mention this because on 8.5 I noticed this issue & assumed it wouldn't carry over to XenForo as they were re-making the editor.

Possibly the solution lies there?
I HAVE aBb and its slow inot impossible o tfast!

Above was posted on my phone, its ment to read..

I have a BB and its slow if not impossible to type fast if at all!