XF 1.5 Editor BBCode buttons missing icons


I noticed today that my editor for new posts looks like the following image. The buttons work fine, and the tooltips show up as expected but the icons appear to be missing.

Any suggestions for how to fix this?


I found the icons, they are definitely in the style folder. When I open icons.png it looks just like the one you sent me but if I add the ?redactor to the end it shows up like this:


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It shows up fine for me using the same URL when on your test site.

I can only assume your style isn't set up correctly, possibly with an incorrect image path in the style properties.


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This isn't something that XenForo is involved in, short of setting the URL. I loaded the URL of your site (as listed in the customer area) and the icon file looks correct. If you're seeing the version you included in your post, that would indicate your browser is caching an old version.