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  1. NealC

    Lack of interest Change toolbar grab handle to drop down for more tools option

    On the new toolbar I think the UI is counter intuitive as for many years the 3 vertical dots have represented a "grab handle" for resizing. In Visual Studio it's done nicely for the "more tools" option when something is not showing in the toolbar. I think your toolbar would be better represented...
  2. U

    XF 1.5 Editor BBCode buttons missing icons

    I noticed today that my editor for new posts looks like the following image. The buttons work fine, and the tooltips show up as expected but the icons appear to be missing. Any suggestions for how to fix this?
  3. Alpha1

    Allow us to add buttons to the redactor 'insert' dropdown

    I see that addon developers have difficulty to add buttons to the 'insert' redactor dropdown. Developers need to add buttons to the main redactor bar, which clutters the bar over multiple lines with both essential as non-essential (but still handy) buttons. I am not sure if that's why @Chris...
  4. Lukas W.

    Extend Redactors 'Insert' Dropdown

    Any chance of extending the dropdown shown above? I've tried to map some code examples from around to solve the problem, but the closest I got was positioning the button next to the 'Insert' button.
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