Implemented  Drop the "star" image for threads with new posts

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I agree only one form of showing something is new should be in place, not to sound rude but you can't point the obvious out to those who are oblivious to it ;) however if you do keep the star in place, imo find another star or something else as it does not match the style.


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Yes, star for posted in threads, and move the star to where the sticky pin and closed thread lock appear so you get rid of the ...







... look. :D
that would work for me - the staggered eye candy distracts the user
placing it with the other icons (sticky, lock, redirect, etc) will make more sense

replace star with something else if posted; change color for hot / popular


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I've done work for forums owners who actually wanted ALL topic titles to be bold, whether or not they've been read. For those folks an image or some other indicator would be necessary. I personally don't see why a small rectangle of color with the word New in it wouldn't be good enough.


Unread = bold, it's a standard users can adapt to.
No need to confuse members with something new to learn yet again.
The whole point of a modern solution is that it can be refreshing, without introducing bloat, clutter, and yet again, something new to learn.


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In our original builds there was no star, but when we rolled it out to one of our test communities they complained that new threads were not sufficiently distinct with just the emboldening used.

If there is a consensus here that the star is superfluous, we can probably remove it or make it less prevalent.


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Maybe apply the star over the avatar but have it a bit off the avatar slightly as well in case a user decides to put it in his image just to annoy users? Just a thought.


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The star looks as if I have liked the thread, like I can star songs in my iPOD/spotify.
Seems more like a rating to me.


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... I personally don't see why a small rectangle of color with the word New in it wouldn't be good enough.
I'd like to see that.
Better yet if we can have something like what we get when we have a new alert or new PM, I mean the read icon with the number of how many alerts we have or how many PM we have. If we can have that in threads which have new posts with the number of how many new post it has, or at least with the word new there it will be much better IMHO. ;)


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Why not just list the number of replies you have in the thread? Replies: 32 / 3
3 would then be the number of replies you have in the thread. Make it a clickable link to take you to your own post and we have a winner.


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I think most people will be confused by the star (At least at first), and it should be changed to either the 'discussion icon' (Speech bubble), as most people will recognize that almost immediately.

Using the star to show that you've posted in a topic is probably much more logical as well.


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Keep it, not everybody has perfect eye sight.
In addition to making the text bold, make the font color just a slightly darker shade of blue. That will make the threads with new posts stand out more.

Let's save the star for some other function like "saving" a thread or your own personal "marking it as important" or something like that. (Possible future functionalities IMO)
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