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Drag and drop files to upload

Discussion in 'Media Gallery Suggestions' started by gunnar, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. gunnar

    gunnar Active Member

    I would really like if the "upload image" button was live, so you could drag and drop images straight onto the button. There are add ons that have this feature and it is very helpful!!
  2. gunnar

    gunnar Active Member

    Thanks, I was going to rewrite my questions and your answer, I was answering to disappeared..

    Text box in the media gallery?
    If I'm creating a album there is no text box to drag to ?
  3. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    I deleted my post as it was incorrect, I thought you were talking about posts and the text editor until I noticed the section this was in. :oops:
  4. gunnar

    gunnar Active Member

    Ah ok, it disappeared at the same time I deleted mine to rewrite it :) I thought I messed up yours too..

    It would be great to have this immediate drag and drop functionality everywhere right? Especially in the add-on that is made for uploading images to the forums...
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  5. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Well-Known Member

    It would be really useful to have drag n drop upload, because members will upload a lot more files to our community.
    No more browsing to the file location. Just drag it in there. :)
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  6. rafass

    rafass Well-Known Member

    I also would love to be able to drag / drop files or even:
    Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.35.51 PM.png
    and auto-generate embed codes: (why not?) (sometimes we need something like that)

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  7. SteveCo

    SteveCo Member

    FTP option!

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