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  1. Freelancer

    Lack of interest Enabling to paste file attachments into the redactor without extra text content

    As a bug was reported for XF 1.5.5 (which is now resolved with 1.5.5a) in this thread, I would suggest to adopt the current behavior to be able to paste file attachments into the redactor text input (everything non-picture like PDFs for example), so it allows you to reply to a thread without...
  2. G

    Duplicate Implement better nodes ordering (drag & drop)

    I'm very bored about the node ordering module... Why you don't implement nativly a way of be able to order more easily nodes, like drag & drop ? I have more than 300 forums and it's very very... very ennoying when I have to moove something.. Addons in the resources doesn't work until 1.5. Thanks.
  3. G

    Drag and drop files to upload

    I would really like if the "upload image" button was live, so you could drag and drop images straight onto the button. There are add ons that have this feature and it is very helpful!!
  4. creativeforge

    Fixed Internet Explorer - text editor: lasso-select/drag and drop?

    Hi guys, Someone wrote me about an issue they have in Internet Explorer, which works perfectly in Firefox: Anyone heard of this? And a solution for the guy? Regards, Andre
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