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Donations by Siropu [Paid] 1.0.2

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I upgraded my Paypal account to a business account today, someone from paypal told me it was essential. I think that the problem must come only from my Paypal parameters and not from Sandox which is only useful for the tests if I understood correctly. :rolleyes:


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A few questions if i may please @Siropu :)

1. Is is possible to add people to a custom user group only for a specific period of time (Say 1 year)?
2. Is it possible for only Admins to view the donations list?
3. Is it possible for donations over a certain amount to be added to a different group than others?
4. Is it possible to be able to extract donation list to somewhere please (eg csv)

I'm sure there's another, however cant remember it right now :D


Do donation auto renew after the set time? If so, how do I set it not to auto renew?

Would like to see a recurring goal... we like to take donations for server hosting and it should renew automatically every month if possible.

Wanted it, asked him about it he stated to me he has no plans on adding the feature

Since it is a requested feature by more users, it will be considered.

Thats 4 - How many would you like @Siropu :D