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Donations by Siropu 1.2.0

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Now you can enable donations via Stripe with monthly subscriptions supported and subscription cancellation option from donor's "Your donations" page.

Made improvements to the donation flow where when you first click on the "Donate" button, it will display a list of donation methods to choose from, before getting redirected to the donation form.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed an issue with progress bar where the percentage can go outside of the bar.
Fixed an issue with donation widget where expired donation goals are still displayed.


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Added "Your donations" page where you can view your donations. If a donation is a subscription, it will be marked as such and added a link to your payment provider account where you can view and cancel subscriptions.

The page is linked from the visitor account menu and on other pages where donation stats are displayed.
Have added a sidebar widget position for this page as well.
Donation goal in donation lists are now linked to their own page.
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Added the option for donors to choose if they want to subscribe for monthly recurring donations. This can be enabled from admin options.

Added admin option to select donation type (for non-recurring donations).

Fixed an error due to a deprecated function in newer PHP versions.
Fixed an issue with changing goal for a donation where goal stats are not updated and can cause an error if the donations is deleted.
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Fixed an error with donor user groups.
Fixed misspelled phrase.
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