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[DBTech] DragonByte Donate

[DBTech] DragonByte Donate [Paid] 3.0.0 Beta 4

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Well-known member
IN response to your request for feedback here are my feature requests:
  1. Gift a donation (attribute the donation perks to another member)
    The need for this features we encounter on a weekly basis.
  2. Donation matches:
    Allow a member to match donations up to a certain amount. For example a member will double up the first $500 in donations received. This is a very powerful way to drive donations up and happens frequently at our site.
    The member selects the donation drive or the donation goal that the money should be attributed to.
    Then there should be an announcement to let members know that their donations will be matched if they donate to this donation drive / donation goal.
    It should be clearly visible how much has been matched and how much to go.
  3. Pay Remaining Funds.
    Display how much is left in the donation drive.
    Add a button to pay all remaining funds in the donation drive. This needs to be a very simple fast way to pay in as few steps as possible.
    If the button is clicked the user selects the payment method and is then forwarded to the payment service.
  4. Cash/Cheque/Bank/Offline donation
    Offer members offline payment methods. Like sending cash/cheques by mail, manually by bank or any other method which requires manual processing. Here is how it could work:
    Let the user select the offline payment method of their choice and the amount.
    Show the user the instructions.
    Let the user enter the date and the specifics of how the payment was sent.
    The admin can mark the payment as received when it comes in.
  5. Alerts: Donation Expiry Reminder
    Give users alerts before their donation term expires. Let the admin define when/how often to send alerts.
    Allow users to turn these alerts off.
  6. User Criteria
    Give trophies for: user has donated X amount in the last Y days to donation goal Z.
  7. Automatically Update Currency Exchange Rates
    There are various services that can be used to update exchange rates. (Yahoo, Google, XE, etc)
  8. Let members donate toward suggestions/feature requests.
    Often members post suggestions on functionality to improve the site. It would be great if members would be able to pay for specific features. This would create a new stream of income for sites. Here is how it could work:
    1. Add a 'donate to this suggestion' block to threads in a specific forum. This is basically a donation drive for that specific feature, without an end date.
    2. Administrators can add such a donation goal to a thread and set the goal amount.
    3. The block displays the goal amount needed and the amount donated so far.
  9. Apply donations across multiple XF installations
    When there is a network of sites, there is often one site that handles all payments/donations. The user pays on one domain but the donation is added to the account on all domains.
I hope this is of interest to you.
I strongly doubt I will ever add support for non-digital methods of payment unless there’s a very strong customer demand for it.

With regards to the rest of the list, my initial reaction is that most of the features are either very niche or require a lot of effort for arguable amount of gain. The more people voice their support for certain feature suggestions, the more likely it is to be added. That being said, it doesn’t mean a feature will never be added even if it’s just you and no one else requesting it.

Exchange rate updates are likely already present, although I’m not at my computer to confirm at the moment.