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It is common practice for Software, Add-Ons, Mods, and Themes/Styles developers to have their branding in the footer. With a website that uses XenForo, its official add-ons, and several 3rd party add-ons, plus a 3rd party style, the websites owner ends up with a footer full of branding links that could be a page in and of itself.

For Example:

It ends up being a lot of clutter at the bottom of the page, for what reason? For the most part search engines typically ignore footer links. So realistically they are only placed there for visitors to see. However, most visitors to a website don't care about who developed what for the website, all they care about is why they are there the actual content the website provides.

All these branding links detract from the usefulness of the footer. The footer provides key information and useful links inline with the purpose of the website. Branding links do not provide key information and are not useful links for the purpose or content of the website. Yet we are forced to have all these branding tag lines and links in the footer and on many occasions on pages that do not even use any of the developers products.

Branding taglines and links clutter and dirty a website and can detract from its flow of information if to many are displayed. This is why I would rather see a website credits page. So the footer could look more like:

©2017 Company Name
Website Credits | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact
Clean simple information links easily identifiable and easy to follow.

If some one really needs to know whats what as far as website software, add-ons, mods, themes/styles and who the developers were for each they can simply click on the website credits link in the footer which would bring up a page that showed exactly this information. X software by X company, X style by X company, X add-on by X company.

So I am looking for an add-on that will do just this. Move all the branding to a website credits page so I can keep my footer free and clear of clutter so that information I want/need my visitors to find easily found without distraction.


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You will need to obtain permission from all of the third party providers to implement something like that.

This thread will remain closed until agreement has been obtained.
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