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I'm running a forum with about 1000 users. I've written it myself in PHP, but because adding new features takes a lot of time and also beacause I'm very impressed about the XenForo, I'm thinking about buying and using a XenForo license.

I've 1 important question considering the conversion. :
1. All the data is now in a (very simple) mysql database. This data has to be converted to the database of XenForo. Is there a database diagram available ? Or some sort of documentation ? Are there any import examples available ? With that information I can estimate how much time it would cost to convert to XenForo.

Thanks in advance.



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Once you get your hands on a license. an import script from vB 3.8 is included.

if you are familiar with vB 3.X I think you will be ok figuring out where everything need to go


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Martijn, the only problem with custom forums is that the database structure is probably completely different than others. XenForo has an importer for vBulletin 3.x versions, which probably won't do you much good. However, if you've written your own forum, it probably wouldn't take much for you to write your own importer to convert your tables and fields into a compatible structure for XenForo. There is no real documentation on the database structure but it's really easy to figure out once you've viewed it.


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I say buy the XF license and then create your own importer. I mean if you can create a forum you should be able to create an importer.

And it's impossible for XF to create one for you mostly since its a custom forum.

I can't see how you would have problems converting. Right now is the best and easy way to convert to XF.

There probably isn't much to convert anyways? forum threads, posts, members? Those are probably the main things you need. Unless attachments are important.


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Hi Blandt,

I'm not familiar with VB 3.X
Is there enough documentation to figure it out ?
Since you did create the forum, you are probably familiar with PHP. And since you are, as FreshFroot said, it shouldn't be too hard to create your own importer for XenForo. What Blandt may have been attempting to say, is that the only importer currently available in the default package is one for vB 3.8, you may be able to look at how it accomplishes the import tasks and base your own off of it.