Other [PAID] Conversion from Huddler to XF


This job pays a few thousand dollars.

Currently TheSandTrap.com is a Huddler-run site but by August 15 (sooner if possible) we'd like to convert to XenForo (or IPB, but who cares about that one here?
). The site is using a PostgreSQL database right now.

TheSandTrap.com doesn't have a lot of extra "stuff." We basically used it as a forum, and didn't do much outside of that to build up "articles" or other sections of the site. One of the only other things we'd like to keep (but which is not at all a "must") is the Equipment and Courses sections, which are just product databases that can house reviews. Again, not a "must."

The "musts" are simply:
  • Users
    • Usernames, passwords, associated email addresses, etc.
    • Reputation levels and comments
  • Threads and posts (duh
  • Images (to be hosted on a CDN or on our server, not sure)
  • Again, I'd like to keep the products and courses at http://thesandtrap.com/products/category/equipment and http://thesandtrap.com/products/category/courses but they aren't "musts."
  • I'd like to keep PMs, but even those aren't necessary (I'd heard from a previous conversion that they weren't able to convert them).
  • Naturally, we'd like keep the URLs consistent or redirect with 304s to keep the SEO we have already.
The final conversion would likely take place over the course of a day or two, but there's naturally a lot of work to prepare for the conversion prior to that happening. What I envision occurring is:
  • Use time in June and July for working with a recent backup of the site's data to map out the process, build out the forum, work through any bugs or little issues, etc.
  • Shut the site down for a day or two in August, get the final backup, and import that data. Relaunch the site and redirect the URLs when ready.
Others have converted from Huddler to IPB, but I'd like to convert directly to XF. I've heard that one of the bigger issues is that this conversion requires someone knowledgeable in both PostgreSQL and MySQL (for XF), but I wonder if converting PostgreSQL to MySQL is not a simplifying first step (I have a developer background, but it's more toward desktop software; DB stuff is not my thing).

It's early on, so that's the information I have now. I'll strive to provide as much information as possible shortly. I'm going out of town the rest of this week, but am looking to move on this as early as next week.

You can reach me via PM or via email at erik@barzeski.com. Thank you.

P.S. This project will begin in full force in early June. Until then, I don't have too many details. I'll share all I can. PM or email with questions.

P.P.S. Some other sites will likely be very interested in how this process goes, and I believe that someone who gains experience doing this will have a small line of other sites looking for this same service in the coming months.


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I know of a few sites that are on the Huddler platform that are also interested in testing a conversion to XF. Feel free to contact me if you (or someone you know or recommend) would be interested in this project!